Glasser Canada is on a mission to illuminate the power of choice to help humanity create
a world of peace and wellbeing for ALL.


To spread the ideas of Dr. William Glasser far and wide…

→ We deliver educational training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management to develop the skills that put you in the driver’s seat at work and in life

→ We host a global virtual community of Choice Theorist with e-Glasser to foster connection, support and collaborative learning

→ We provide certifications to professionals who are ready to excel in their careers


These skills are useful personally, in various relationships and in the workplace, such as

Mental Health

Taking charge of your life and opening up a world of possibilities to wellbeing


Cultivating the skills that allow you lead yourself intentionally

Intentional Living

Imagining a new quality world that inspires action, bringing what you really want to life


Leading your children while fostering an environment of mutual respect, care and love


Creating and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships


Learning how to consider your own needs and wants to prevent compassion burnout



Creating learning environments that {insert benefit}

Leadership & Org

Leading with integrity and mutual respect while inspiring

Coaches & Counsellors

Providing you the tools & framework to lead others through transformation




All donations Help GC Emergency Fund & will directly support our Projects  in promoting Choice theory and Reality therapy.


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